Monday, 15 May 2017

Reason why I'm voting Green (1): great, truly local candidate

My Green general election candidate in Bristol South, Tony Dyer, is a local man, with local roots, living locally, with local knowledge and awareness of what the area needs. See his Bristol Post profile here. He is getting my vote on June 8.

* He lives in the constituency he wants to represent, in Ashton, South Bristol. None of the other candidates for Bristol South live here.

* Born, raised and schooled in Hartcliffe, South Bristol, Tony Dyer is the son of a Bedminster-born postman/builder and a Knowle West housewife.

* He has strong and deep ties to the city through family, education and work and is very proud of his Bristol heritage which goes back a long way.

* Tony's family roots are amongst the Bedminster coal miners and Bristol dock workers and a grandfather who grew up in slum conditions in the Old Market area.

* As the Green's parliamentary candidate for Bristol South in the May 2015 General Election Tony fought an excellent campaign based on a detailed set of policies - the only ones which coherently bring together economic, social and environmental justice.

* He gained the Greens best ever result in Bristol South, beating the Lib Dems, gaining almost 6000 votes, a double figure percentage and a rise of nine points compared to the previous election.

* This played a good part in raising Bristol Green Party's electoral support locally, with growth in councillor numbers (which originated in Bristol South in Southville ward).

* Tony is now the Green Party national spokesperson for local government and works closely with the 11 strong group of Green city councillors on local government matters.

* He is the Regional Liaison Officer for Green MEP for the South West Molly Scott Cato.

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