Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Better cycling for Bedminster

Today submitted this statement of strong support for the Bristol Cycling Campaign measures described below**, to improve cycling in Bedminster (West Street;  Clanage Rd Roundabout and Ashton Park School Link) as well as general support for their councillor manifesto. You can sign their petition here and ask election candidates where they stand here.

Just a quick email to say how strongly I support all that you are currently calling for to enhance cycling in Bedminster. If elected I will work hard to get support and action on these as well as working on developing further ideas and all sustainable modes of transport.

**This is the key Space for Cycling change needed in this area (don't forget all the smaller changes!):

1. West Street, Bedminster. As well as being a neighbourhood centre and destination, this is the most convenient route from the south west towards the centre. It's a very hostile environment at the moment that deters all but the most determined cyclists. The existing painted cycle lanes, where they exist, are constantly blocked making them worse than useless. It's time for the whole carriageway to be properly designed to reflect the multiple uses of this High Street with protected cycleway separated from bus stops and loading/short stay parking bays. Even though the street appears narrow by taking a whole carriageway approach the situation can be improved for all.

2. Clanage Road Roundabout and Ashton Park School Link. Connecting through from Greville Smyth Park to Ashton Park bottom entrance alongside A370. In particular addressing Clanage Road roundabout and improving links to the Festival Way. This would be one of the first properly designed roundabouts that work for everyone ('Dutch style).
Manifesto for Council Candidates
·         Cycling is good for Bristol - and more cycling is better
·         8 in 10 people want Bristol to be better for cycling
·         Cycling in Bristol means sharing space with intimidating motor traffic, or with pedestrians. No-one is happy
·         Two thirds of people consider cycling too risky for them
·         Bristol has a target to achieve 20% cycling by 2020 with profound benefits to wellbeing, congestion, environment and prosperity
·         The only proven way to deliver this is to provide a continuous and dedicated cycling network, to Triple A standards - for All Ages and Abilities.
Our councillors must work to help create an environment whereby it is easier for us to make choices that are good for us, good for our neighbourhood, and good for our city. We are calling on candidates and councillors to support Space for Cycling, for the benefit of everyone.
Questions for Candidates on specific priorities
1.    Will you work to make your ward and neighbourhood a better place to cycle and walk, so that people can travel safely to work, to school, to shop, to play, and to green spaces? Yes
2.    Will you do all you can to deliver the specific improvement in your ward identified at
General Questions for Candidates
1.    Will you support and help produce a good transport plan for your ward and neighbourhood which puts people first, and particularly the young, the old and the disadvantaged? Streets for All in residential areas means low speeds, continuous pavements across side streets, no rat running or through traffic, and all streets open for cycling, including one-way contraflows. Yes
2.    Will you press for Space for Cycling in your ward generally? This means protected space on high volume and 30mph roads and at busy junctions. It means accepting no less than 'Triple A' standards of design, construction & maintenance, for All Ages and Abilities. It means having safe routes to school, to work, to shops, and to green spaces. Yes
3.    Will you work towards a Living Heart for your neighbourhood? This means public spaces that are not dominated by through motor traffic, that have plenty of cycle parking and where people are the priority, not traffic. Yes

4.    Do you recognise that some changes will be controversial and will you stand up for those with most to gain but whose voices are often not heard - the young, the old and the disadvantaged?  Yes

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