Friday, 5 February 2016

What Bedminster's people want

I've been spending a lot of time surveying in the Bedminster area, along with Will Quick and others. This will be ongoing for several weeks or more yet and may well involve a number of different survey types. We want to know what matters most to people locally.

We are asking those surveyed to give their view on: the level of importance of a range of issues; to raise any local issues not mentioned on our form; to describe any particular local problems for us to take up. 

The numbers surveyed now run into many hundreds and as they rise we will start to analyse and report on what we find. Its been very pleasing to see how many people are happy to give us feedback. Also very pleasing is the level of positive reaction and support when we say we are from the local Green Party and that we are their councillor candidates. This has reinforced what the figures from past elections tell us: that Green support in Bedminster is rising fast and that we can win the May 2016 election there. 

The thinking behind our campaign approach is that to become a fairer, healthier, more sustainable city we need: 
  • Inclusive, informed, genuine public participation in community life.
  • Open, involving, accountable, ethical attitudes and policies
Contact me via with your views. More detail on priorities for the city here.  

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