Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Petitioning for a Green Arena

This week I submitted my petition calling on Bristol's Mayor and councillors to ensure the city gets a Green Arena that fits with the aspirations Bristol has as EU Green Capital 2015. The committee meets to discuss the two current planning applications on 2 March: the full planning application for the Arena (reference number 15/06069/F) and the outline application for mixed-use development on the remainder of the Arena Island site (reference number 15/06070/P). 

My petition specifically calls for:

  • A fully participative approach to the Arena development, from planning, through to construction and operation (proactive, widespread work on community involvement hasn't been that good to date though). 
  • Measuring the success of the development in broad terms, including: the proportion of Arena and associated development users not travelling there by car; the quality of the air in and around the Arena site as indicated by on-site monitoring stations.
  • A diverse mix of facilities and services, integrated well and using local people, local businesses and resources.
  • Walking, cycling and integrated public transport to and from the area to be top priorities.  
  • Minimum provision for cars, except for essential users.
  • Green, open spaces integrated into the development to benefit biodiversity, human health, efficiency, reduction of noise, light and air pollution.
  • Meeting the highest possible social and environmental standards. 
  • A total, ecosystem style, joined up approach to managing people and resources based on a sustainability charter drawn up through cooperation with Bristol’s public as co-authors. 
  • An annual report facilitating ongoing public input into site sustainability.
  • A partnership that enables the provision, purchase and consumption of fresh, healthy, local foods on and around the site.

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