Sunday, 28 February 2016

Bristol: zero waste by 2025

In 1987 as the Green Parliamentary candidate for Bristol South my election address talked of 'keeping resources within the local economy' and went on to say that we should develop  'repairs, maintenance, recycling and energy efficiency - jobs to to conserve by sustainable activity, not to pollute and waste'. I've been advocating going well beyond recycling to building a circular economy for over 30 yrs (see here and here). 

Circularity has been inherent in the Greens principles and policies on the economy since its foundation. Research by  the Waste and Resources Action Program (WRAP)  and the GreenAlliance shows that half a million jobs would be created by radically transforming our economy through efficiency, renewability and working with environmental respect. 

Its great to see that Bristol City Council is now beginning to catch on to this thinking with a strategy being discussed by the Mayor's Cabinet this coming week (see news clip left; click to enlarge).

One of the reasons the city is catching on is that there is now a 14 strong group of Green Councillors, including representation in the Cabinet. Bishopston's Green Councillor and Cabinet member Daniella Radice is leading on taking the city towards zero waste on an ambitious timescale. 

Electing more Greens onto the council this May will help to turn this strategy and others into a reality. 

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