Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Five pictures that speak many words

Just one moment from my 30+ yrs as a Green campaigner in Bristol, here (in 1989) on the need for clean, healthy air. Due to the persistent failure of those who have run central and local government we still have major traffic congestion, air pollution and consequently serious public health problems just over 26 yrs later. 
Climate change worse case scenario for the UK. Very alarming indeed. Flooding is hitting many in the UK increasingly hard and more often though. Those (blue, yellow and red politicians) who signed up to the Green concept of sustainable development as long ago as the 1980's have not implemented it.
Green economics - the key to achieving a sustainable society - is about investing, building & rebuilding anew, not cutting. Creating a fair, sustainable, circular economy meets our needs, sustains prosperity and safeguards resources and our environment.
My key party political focus in 2016 is being a candidate for the Green target seat of Bedminster and doing my bit as part of the Bristol Green Party management and election support groups. In May 2015 this (above) was the Green result there. Greens are now the main challengers to Labour and can win in May 2016 with a swing of just a few percent.

Green words that sum up what I stand for.

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