Saturday, 9 March 2013

Play for the planet

A project has been launched to see whether games can help increase people's interest in environmental issues reports BBC Environment reporter Mark Kinver...

Consultant Paula Owen hopes the 12-month study will encourage people to change their behaviour and reduce their environmental impacts.

She said that people did not engage with 'doom and gloom' messages, leaving them feeling powerless.

The project was launched at the Science Museum, London, as part of Climate Week.

"Gamification is a simple idea; it is the idea of using the concepts and and mechanics of games but in a non-gaming environment," Dr Owen explained.

"That environment could be a variety of settings, like in a health situation, such as the initiatives to encourage running through leaderboards and setting up competitions among friends.

"Basically my idea is to take the concepts of gamification and use them in the environmental sector to try and promote greater pro-environment behaviour." More here.

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