Monday, 11 March 2013

Lots to learn from Lush

Received today from Lush: Lush Cosmetics celebrate the Cosmetics Directive and prepare for their next animal testing fight. In May 2012 Lush Cosmetics collected over 400,000 signatures supporting the Cosmetics Directive, legislation that makes Europe the first zone in the world where animal testing of cosmetics is banned. Today in over 900 shops worldwide Lush Cosmetics are hosting Animal Parties to celebrate the final stage of the Cosmetics Directive coming into force.

However the fight to end animal testing in Europe is far from over. After celebrating the Cosmetics Directive today, Lush Cosmetics launches a campaign - in collaboration with the Humane Society International - to replace animal tests with more modern alternatives for all REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) testing.

The REACH legislation was written in 2007 – and requires companies to take part in product safety testing. Companies must follow REACH guidelines for which tests should be administered for the various ingredients.

However REACH has not been updated since it was written in 2007. In the intervening years many non-animal alternatives have been developed and also some animal test refinements (these are improved protocols which mean that for each test less animals need to be used and killed ). By not adding these replacement tests to the REACH testing guidelines, REACH are breaking their own stated rules – and millions of animals are dying in tests because companies cannot use the non-animal alternatives until the legislation lists them as suitable for use.

Hilary Jones, ethics director at Lush Cosmetics says:

“Here at Lush we are overjoyed to be able to celebrate the final stage of the Cosmetics Directive finally coming into force. The British public played a huge part in getting this legislation passed and enforced. Continuous public pressure across Europe since the 1980s forced legislators to write these laws – and only public pressure has kept the legislation on track, as it suffered delay after delay.

Now that we know that public pressure can work – we will use that power again to help more animals.

The Cosmetics Directive only covers tests that are conducted specifically for cosmetics purposes. But cosmetics ingredients are also subject to testing under the new REACH chemical legislation – and animals are going to be used in huge numbers to conduct this safety testing. So animals are still at risk and still need our help.

Today we are all taking the time to party and celebrate the power of the people in bringing change for those who cannot speak up for themselves. But from tomorrow it's time to get angry again that not enough is being done to protect millions of animals from unnecessary tests.”

Lush: 100% Vegetarian; 80% Vegan; 67% Unpreserved; 46% Unpackaged  

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