Monday, 18 March 2013

Car crazy

This BBC News piece takes a very speculative look at what might happen if everyone had a car. Even though it states that the number of cars in the world could rise from its current 1 billion to 4 billion by 2050, that traffic moves more slowly in London now than 100 yrs ago, that further major congestion and environmental pollution could well refers to the 'freedom' that car ownership gives (!!) and assumes that we will be able to persist with it. The solution is apparently a narrow, technical one of smaller, narrower, robotically controlled etc cars. Wouldn't it be more practical to: reduce the need to travel; have facilities, services, jobs...locally; do more stuff online; change attitudes on what 'status' is all about... . And what about joining all the cars together, running them efficiently on tracks and calling them...trains and trams...and making really big cars that can carry lots of people efficiently and calling them...buses...or making two-wheeled human-powered cars and calling them...bicycles !?!?  

Smaller, narrower, robotically controlled cars at best just kicks the can down the road, passing the problem on to future generations.

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