Wednesday, 27 February 2013

No to nukes

Please sign the Global Zero petitiion to President Obama calling for action to cut nuclear weapons. Here's the petition wording:

You stated clearly and with conviction your commitment to seek a world without nuclear weapons. You asked for perseverance. You dared us to overcome our differences. You challenged us to ignore the voices that tell us the world cannot change. And you told us words must mean something.

We heard you.

As you begin your final term in office, we urge you to announce on April 5, 2013 – the 4th anniversary of that historic speech – that you will set the world’s course to global zero by negotiating further cuts to the massive U.S.-Russian Cold War stockpiles and bringing world leaders into the first international negotiations in history for the elimination of all nuclear weapons.
Its irrational to abide by the principle of maintaining peace by arranging to defend ourselves with weapons we could not possibly use without committing suicide. More on a range of nuclear weapons issues here.

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