Monday, 5 March 2012

Rubbish reporting

What are the journalists at the Evening Post on? There are no details at all to tell readers of this story why the animal rights people were protesting at Bristol Airport. Nothing on which animal rights group(s), of which there are several, including some very different outlooks and methods. Whatever the rights and wrongs of 'animal rights' and the tactics that have been used I'd like to know why exactly the protest occurred.

To make matters confusing the Post additionally reports - under the same headline - what seems to be an entirely unconnected protest in any entirely different place that had absolutely nothing to do with animal rights! The Youth Fight for Jobs story should have been given its own headline if they felt it was worthy of reporting.

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  1. This by reporter99 commenting on the Bristol Evening Post website gives a bit more detail.

    “Air France/KLM is one of the few airlines that transport animals for animal experimentation. Air France-KLM is the world's number one transporter of laboratory animals and forms a link between the global animal testing industry. They transport all sorts of animals to and from anywhere. They are a target of an international campaign that protest anywhere the company is – whether it be airline or offices.”


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