Thursday, 1 December 2011

On closing the gap between rich and poor

Author Danny Dorling claims the British people need to learn the lessons of the 1930s and do something about the growing gap between the super rich and everyone else.

BBC News - Author Danny Dorling on closing gap between rich and poor


  1. I am a regular reader of your blog, and on the whole I support the Green Party and green issues.
    I do find myself alone within "greenspace" when I disagree with wealth redistribution and I am also pretty liberal on business and economics, viewing taxation, in the main, a bad thing.
    Many more people would support the green cause in general if it wasn't far to the left of labour!

  2. Great that you are generally a green supporter. I hope it continues. My blog is a green one but is my own independent view not a Green Party one. I tend to be more pro-science, pro-technology, 'tougher' on law and order and some foreign affairs matters - and more pragmatic in my approach to politics than the average Green Party member I've experienced.

    Personally I think an unfair and very unequal distribution of wealth within countries and across the world is morally wrong - and also ultimately unsustainable in a world with limited resources. Things are going to get very difficult and we will need to share resources fairly to maintain a secure and stable world.

    Its perfectly reasonable to take a fairly liberal attitude to busness and economics and put forward a consistent green view. I think greens should take a principled but practical view on business and economics.

    Taxation in the main a bad thing? Surely taxes can be used to give an incentive to efficiency, to penalise pollution and polluters, to fund government agencies working to protect land, water and air quality, to pay for vital national public services like education health, policing, justice, defence, transport..., to pay for vital local services like waste collection, social services, housing services, home care services, libraries...I could go on. Taxes are fine if they are fair, proportionate...and the money raised used well (which does raise issues I know).


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