Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Preventing, detecting, researching and treating cancer

Copy of press release from Cancer Research UK: LOCAL CANDIDATE COMMITS TO BEAT CANCER

Glenn Vowles, Green Party Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Bristol East has joined hundreds of candidates across the country in signing up to Cancer Research UK's Cancer Commitment, aiming to make UK cancer outcomes among the best in Europe in the next ten years.

Mr Vowles said: "I am delighted to pledge my support for Cancer Research UK’s vital campaign. Cancer remains the public’s number one fear. With a concerted effort from the next Parliament, we can give hope to the millions of people affected by cancer and their friends and family. I’m campaigning for more investment in health problem prevention and for health and wellbeing to be the key indicator of progress in society. ”

More than one in three people in Bristol East will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime. In the last thirty years, the UK’s 10-year survival rates have doubled but cancer survival rates still lag behind the best performing countries in Europe such as Sweden, Norway and Finland. Cancer Research UK is calling on Parliamentary candidates to commit now that if they are elected, they will help make cancer outcomes for patients in the UK among the best in Europe in a decade.

The Cancer Commitment calls on MPs in the next Parliament to take action in five key areas:

Detecting cancer earlier
Providing world class treatment
Preventing more cancers
Tackling cancer inequalities
Protecting the UK’s research base

Jon Spiers, Head of Public Affairs and Campaigning at Cancer Research UK, said “To consign today’s cancer challenges to tomorrow’s history books, we must act now. Our thousands of scientists and our millions of supporters are hoping to see MPs in the next Parliament step up to the challenge.”

For information on Cancer Research UK’s Commit To Beat Cancer campaign, visit:


For media inquiries, please contact the Cancer Research UK press office on 020 7061 8300.

Notes to Editors:

Cancer Research UK is the world's leading independent organisation dedicated to cancer research. We support research into all aspects of cancer through the work of more than 4,500 scientists, doctors and nurses.

Commit to Beat Cancer is Cancer Research UK’s new campaign to make the UK’s cancer outcomes among the best in Europe in the next 10 years. To reach this goal, the next Government needs to act on several fronts:

· Cancers must be diagnosed and treated earlier
· Patients must have timely access to world-class treatments
· More must be done to prevent cancer
· Cancer inequalities must be tackled
· Our position at the forefront of medical research must be protected

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