Friday, 15 January 2010

Knowledge newsletter contributions: tips for saving money, living healthily and going green

Wrote a series of brief articles on tips for 'saving money, living healthily and going green' for Knowle West's 'Knowledge' newsletter for some time. Thought I'd highlight them here. The last article, on 'technology' is copied below. To see the tips on the other topics I've covered click on these links: water, waste, transport, measuring impacts, homes, holidays, gardens, food, Christmas, at work and wildlife.

Green Scene: ‘Technology’

Ideas for being green, efficient and thrifty!

* if away from your computer for a while switch it to sleep mode or turn it off, a computer monitor left on overnight wastes enough energy to print hundreds of A4 pages

* get your old computers and phones reused or recycled, various charities are available, 7 litres of crude oil are used just to make the plastic in one computer system

* look for the energy rating system when buying electrical equipment and buy more efficient models

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